Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bolt! in 3D

I took my kids to see Bolt the other day, Disney's latest CGI feature. Not a Disney/Pixar film just Disney and it seems that Disney CG may be finally making a mark of it's own. It was thoroughly enjoyable for me as well as the kids. The skewering of Hollywood (smarmy agent, pigeons who write) were all spot on and the dog who thinks he really has superpowers plot was fun. The acting was nicely done and I quickly forgot that John Travolta was the voice of a cuddly little dog. The only thing that I found annoying was the whole 3D aspect. I guess we could have seen it in regular good old-fashioned 2D but I figured it would be much more fun watching a movie with uncomfortable plastic glasses on my face. There really was no reason to see this in 3D. Yes, maybe it was slightly crisper and nice to see some of the detail in 3D but there was nothing in the film making that seemed to make it tailor made for 3D and that's fine.
The only truly good use of 3D I ever found was in the Muppets 3D show at Disney MGM where a little CG character comes up to your face and says you are the only one in the theater he is really talking to. That was clever and great use of the gimmick. Worst use of 3D ever? Captain EO. That is the closest I ever want to come to seeing Michael Jackson up close and in person. Why hasn't he sued his plastic surgeon yet?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What are we doing?

What are we doing, you ask? Well, glad you felt comfortable to come right out and ask. We have actually been very busy the last month or so and hope to continue being busy into the New Year. We have a few different projects we are currently working on but that I cannot say too much about right now.
One of the jobs we are wrapping up animation on is a new Schoolhouse Rock cartoon for Phil Kimmelman one of the original SR animation producers. Phil recently got the order for a bunch more cartoons on the environment and we are thrilled to be able to be one of the studios to help Phil out. We are doing one on wind energy and it's been a blast boarding, designing and animating. The whole batch of cartoons will supposedly be coming out on DVD in March '09. It's great getting to work on these cartoons again. David worked on three Schoolhouse Rock cartoons (Mr. Morton, Busy P's and Dollars and Sense) back in the early 90's when they decide to resurrect the shorts. We'll reveal more about the other projects as they get rolling along if the powers that be let us. Some people can be so secretive.
In the meantime here are what the two main characters (Windy and the Windmill) look like as designed by Phil Kimmelman.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Website!

If you've arrived at this blog, you most probably came through our website. We are very excited to have a functioning website after nearly nine, yes you read right, nearly nine years in business. It is still not completely finished. We will still have an area where you can view individual films and commercials we have done and hopefully some other fun stuff eventually in the near future. For right now we want to give major props (as the kids say today) to two individuals who helped our site come to fruition.
The first is Kevin Lacroix. He is an extraordinary artist who has been doing backgrounds for us for three or four years now. His expertise in Photoshop is immeasurable. He is an incredible digital artist who can replicate most any traditional technique with a computer. He took our rough idea and did the great photo collage that is on the site. Take a look at his other work at
The second individual to whom we owe a major thanks to is Avi Tuchman. Avi is an extremely talented young man who just graduated high school last year. He is very interested in pursuing a career in animation and I've been trying to give him the best advice and help that I can. For instance, I told him to pursue a career in medicine or law instead. Actually, he is absolutely hell bent on becoming an animator, has interned at Frederator in NY and Nickelodeon in LA and I think he will go very far in this business. He was very kind to code our site for us and pull it together once I made a complete mess out of it and really made it sing. His own work can be seen at
We would really love to hear what you think of our site.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hey, If you are reading this blog it means one of two things. Either you were looking for Kosher Italian Restaurants or you were looking for a premiere animation studio to bring your project to life. Well, look no further. This blog will tell you all about the latest and greatest specials on our menu for the best Kosher Italian cuisine on the East Coast. WAIT! Don't go! We were only kidding. This is the blog for W/M Animation where we will tell you what the latest happenings are regarding our studio or share some thoughts about animation, movies, music or whatever else we feel like revealing. But you know that already. You've read millions of blogs. You are a blog aficionado or a blogionado. Anyway, come back and visit us once in a while to read about our latest exploits and feel free to comment on our work, our site, or anything else you feel like talking about.
Blog you later,
David and Robert