Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Website!

If you've arrived at this blog, you most probably came through our website. We are very excited to have a functioning website after nearly nine, yes you read right, nearly nine years in business. It is still not completely finished. We will still have an area where you can view individual films and commercials we have done and hopefully some other fun stuff eventually in the near future. For right now we want to give major props (as the kids say today) to two individuals who helped our site come to fruition.
The first is Kevin Lacroix. He is an extraordinary artist who has been doing backgrounds for us for three or four years now. His expertise in Photoshop is immeasurable. He is an incredible digital artist who can replicate most any traditional technique with a computer. He took our rough idea and did the great photo collage that is on the site. Take a look at his other work at
The second individual to whom we owe a major thanks to is Avi Tuchman. Avi is an extremely talented young man who just graduated high school last year. He is very interested in pursuing a career in animation and I've been trying to give him the best advice and help that I can. For instance, I told him to pursue a career in medicine or law instead. Actually, he is absolutely hell bent on becoming an animator, has interned at Frederator in NY and Nickelodeon in LA and I think he will go very far in this business. He was very kind to code our site for us and pull it together once I made a complete mess out of it and really made it sing. His own work can be seen at
We would really love to hear what you think of our site.

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