Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hey, If you are reading this blog it means one of two things. Either you were looking for Kosher Italian Restaurants or you were looking for a premiere animation studio to bring your project to life. Well, look no further. This blog will tell you all about the latest and greatest specials on our menu for the best Kosher Italian cuisine on the East Coast. WAIT! Don't go! We were only kidding. This is the blog for W/M Animation where we will tell you what the latest happenings are regarding our studio or share some thoughts about animation, movies, music or whatever else we feel like revealing. But you know that already. You've read millions of blogs. You are a blog aficionado or a blogionado. Anyway, come back and visit us once in a while to read about our latest exploits and feel free to comment on our work, our site, or anything else you feel like talking about.
Blog you later,
David and Robert

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jakethelion said...

Your site is great!! What are you guys working on now?